Applying IKEA Rast Design

We meet again with bedroom, a place that is usually contained with bed and cabinet. Here, new complement comes from the IKEA rast design to replace the bed desk beside. Here we go.

Since the very first beginning we are in the first IKEA rast design, we will be aware that it looks so beautiful in its placement. Four shelves as the storage design and two tone color application are the keys to have this beautiful-cute IKEA rast concept. And here, black color basic finishing is the beautiful foundation over your cute IKEA rast design. In the top side, it is so pleasure to use it as the replacement of your bed desk.

When you are not aware yet that IKEA rast application can bring simplicity and luxurious in the same time, the second IKEA rast design will make you be aware. It does not need much color finishing and ornament because the luxurious comes from the simplicity. White color finishing is more than enough to realize what you want. As I said in the first paragraph, this can replace the use of bed desk and that is why, you can set luxurious desk lamp above this luxurious IKEA rast design. And the beautiful white light will be created from the combination of white color and white lighting.

When we are just in the third room, we are going to see the combination of IKEA rast idea and retro soul. Black linings over the white color foundation are the simplest way to create the retro touch over this IKEA rast design. Luxurious touch is also the nice complement and applying black granite layer in the top side is the easiest way. In the end, this is going to be look like teen-IKEA rast design for teen bedroom design.

Now let’s see to your own bedroom. See what you can apply, choose the design that you love, and good luck then!

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