The women, but also the man, nowadays, do not only use a powder room mirror. Women usually use a powder room mirror wear makeup; look in the mirror, and also another activity. So does the man who usually comb his hair while looking in the mirror. These are some ideas of luxury powder room mirrors which you can apply within you house.

In the very beginning picture, there is a round-shaped powder mirror which is look luxury. It looks luxury simply by the gold frame it has. It is very suitable to be applied there since the furniture at its surrounding are having a white color and the wall which has also a black grey colors. In the third picture, it has another shape of a powder room mirror. It applies a square-shaped room mirror also framed with its luxury and fascinating frame. The frame it uses is a frame that is made from teak wood material. Teak wood has successfully results a luxury looks of the powder room mirror. Placed above a sink, it is very functional because you can use it to do some activities like brushing your teeth, or just washing your face while looking in the powder room mirror. Move on to the forth picture where it has a luxury one as well. It applies a long sized room mirror. This powder room mirror has a lengthwise shape which is start from the left side to the right side of the wall. It allows you to have a wider view of a room mirror and able to accommodate more than one person.

Switching to the seventh picture, it does not
apply a luxury powder room mirror but a classy one too. There is a unique-shaped
sink accompanied by a long mirror above it. It has a rectangular-shaped room
mirror. With a shiny texture it has, it resulting a classy looks  for the entire room.