Warm and Natural Stacked Stone Fireplace

In the winter or cold weather, being at the next to the fireplace is always a good idea. You can feel the warmness that is coming up from the flame while enjoying your hot chocolate. Moreover, if you have one of these stocker stone fireplaces, you can enjoy your leisure time in here. It looks natural because it consists of stacked stones which is form a fireplace. Here we have already collected the pictures for you who is willing to create a stacked stone fireplace.

In the opening picture, one of stacked stone fireplace is applied. It consists of so many stones with its different colors. There are some stones that have the brown color, the darker brown ones, and also the cream toned stone. They are stacked and also mounted on the wall and have a square shape. At the centre of the stacked stone, there is a fireplace which is located inside the glass door cover. In the second picture, it has a different shape of stacked stone fireplace. It has a lengthwise shape from the above to the floor of the room. The fireplace is also placed at the centre of the stacked stone with different cover compared with what existed in the first picture. It has a aluminum cover which is covering the fire. The third picture has a different and simpler kind of stacked stone fireplace. It applies a shorter one of stacked stone fireplace. It has about one meter tall only yet it still looks stylish. The stacked stones form a square shaped fireplace. On the top of this fireplace, it uses a wood board.

Move on to the sixth picture. It also applies a stacked stoned fireplace with a cream tone. This cream toned fireplace has a wood board which has a function to enhance its style too. It puts some souvenirs with small sizes on the top of the wood board. There are framed photos, glass jars and other souvenirs which add a unique touch to the stacked stone fireplace.

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